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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk ManagementExecutives, investors, authorities, financial analysts, rating agencies and auditors have a strong interest in risk-relevant issues as a result of numerous corporate scandals.

Todays Enterprise Risk Management is a management board issue and is used as a strategic, tactical and operational response for improvement and protection of shareholder value with concurrent compliancy of regulatory requirements. The aim is to create transparency and commitment, that the management can respond efficiently and effectively to potential risks and to use additional opportunities.

The cerafin offer

cerafin helps its clients, the risk and viewing of chances to raise on a new strategic level. cerafins Enterprise Risk Management approach ensures that its clients will better understand the risks they are exposed to as well as the effects and dependencies of these risks. We develop a holistic approach , prepare a comprehensive plan of action to control risks and to minimize negative impacts. The focus is on the implementation of an integrated approach to control risks in the whole enterprise. This includes in addition the strategy, the placement of the organizational framework including basic rules, the conception of a risk-bearing capacity concept, a uniform risk quantification methodology by using analytical and stochastical methods and the development of a reporting system as well as redesign of related IT systems. This improves future decision-making and ensures growth and high-performance. Our experts are leading edge and a highly qualified in risk manangement.

Your benefits by choosing cerafin

  • Transparency in and minimizing of business risks
  • Compliance with legal requirements HGB, KonTraG, COSO, MaRisk, EMIR, GDPdU etc.)
  • Secure your economic business goals
  • Fulfillment of your compliance
  • Implementation of risk models by using software solutions

Links of interest

  • HGB - German Commercial Code: managing directors responsible for adequate risk management (duty of care, evidence for early risk detection and risk prevention)
  • KonTraG - Law on Control and Transparency in company department: for stock listed companies since May 1st of 1998, an early warning system
  • Governance in the corporate treasury (ed. Association of German Treasurer e.V.)
  • COSO - The Committee of Sponsoring Organization
  • MaRisk - Minimum Requirements for Risk Management for Banking and Financial Service Institutions
  • Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (VA, German insurance companies)
  • ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines
  • EMIR - European Market Infrastructure Regulation
  • GDPdU - Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of digital Documents
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