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ceRIS. The 360° Diagnostic Tool.

The construction and optimization of an existing commodity risk management requires extensive analysis - a 360 ° diagnostic. Answering questions along our questionaire have to be answered to identify and implement improvements:

"When is a commodity management really good today and what needs to be done to better tomorrow?"

For the best, it isn't sufficient to know that all the other are not better.The pretention is to align the processes already today in a way that they will be at the top in the future. This includes the early discussion of issues that are not yet being the subject of general interest.

The cerafin offer

ceRIS is a proprietary diagnostic and benchmarking tool that provides a faster identification of issues and fast implementation of necessary changes. . ceRIS allows our customers to perform a precise analysis of its commodity risk management within one week. The analysis tool includes a systematic best practice comparison of strategy, organization, processes and systems with our maturity model.
ceRIS identifies optimization potentials along the entire value chain. With our maturity model we match up the results. This provides a prioritized implementation plan. The whole analysis takes place within 5 working days!

Your benefit by chosing cerafin

cerafin has many years of experience with the use of advanced diagnostic methods in risk-related issues in a variety of industries. The long-term experience and leadership expertise in the commodity risk management is the main asset . You will benefit by:

  • Definition of "best practice" dependent upon the maturity of all areas of the commodity risk management
  • Well-founded determination of the status quo as well as benchmarking
    • Where do you stand compared to other companies of similar industry, size or corporate structure?
    • Where is room for improvement or need for improvement?
      On one hand, compared with the index of best practice , on the other hand, measured at the defined level of maturity?
    • What are the new topics you should address in the future?
      Your basis for internal discussion and decision on relevant future direction.
  • Platform and network exchange
    Discussion and exchange of experience on current developments and challenges with experts